Turbilly is located in Maine et Loire, just at the limit of Sarthe between Le Loir and La Loire.
You can find it in the middle of the triangle Le Mans, Tours and Angers.
Turbilly is a hamlet of about ten houses and is part of the municipality Vaulandry.
Anjou, which Maine et Loire to belongs, is well known for its fine wines, cheeses, Cointreaux and other good food and drinks.
The region benefits directly from its location behind Brittany and Normandy, It is famous for the crepes, creme fraiche, fruit, seafood, cheeses, artichokes, strawberries, mushrooms, asparagus etc. etc.
In both cities there are weekly all kinds of pictoresquious markets where you can buy fresh fruit, cheese, meat and clothing.
You can also enjoy the “couleur locale” by eating a small pancake. There are cozy cafes and little restaurants.
The area is famous for the use of twisted church towers like in Pontigné and Fougeré